If anyone knows the Costa Blanca and the delightful towns of Altea, L’Alfas del Pí and La Nucia well, it is the Grupo San Rafael family and team members, as they were born in this area and have spent more than 50 years promoting and selling quality houses there.


50 years and 15,000 clients enjoying the Mediterranean.

There are more than 15,000 clients who have trusted us and are now enjoying their houses promoted by a company who have always loved doing things well.

If you want to do things the right way, avoid problems, and be calm when buying your new property in order to enjoy it for many years to come, Grupo San Rafael is the company you are looking for.

The large, modern headquarters of Grupo San Rafael, located on Altea’s seafront, support the trajectory of this stable company that, after getting over the financial crisis, has kept its services available to its costumers. A highly attentive and qualified team that will advise you on any necessary aspect of purchasing or renting a house.



When we talk about house promotion, professionalism and qualification are unavoidable values. If you add a close service and way of working based on openness, then you are thinking, without a doubt, of this family business.

Grupo San Rafael has handled generational change with perfection by gathering their accumulation of past knowledge and updating every action process and property service that you could possibly need.

Satisfied clients are one of the primary values of this company.

“We like our clients to feel accompanied and calm throughout the entire construction process” – Alicia Pérez, Grupo San Rafael Sales Director.


Over the years, Grupo San Rafael have always shown respect to the environment and the cultural heritage of this area proven by the discovery and preservation of a roman necropolis in one of our plots of land that can currently be visited in the Edificio Coliseo in Albir.

For Grupo San Rafael, knowing an environment well means respecting it and treating it with the value it deserves.